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Terry Zeeb

Corporate Secretary
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Terry is the Corporate Secretary for Jet Industries. She started her career working for Valley Oil Co. when she was 11 years old doing various office tasks. In 1984, she went to work for Jet Heating as an office assistant answering phones and doing A/R, and payroll for a short time. After having her 3rd child in 1990 she decided to stay home with her children. In 2003, she came back to Jet Industries and has been working here since. Outside of work she loves to be with her family and spending time with them at the coast.


Job Title - Corporate Secretary
How long with Jet - 25 plus years

Family and/or Hobbies

I have 3 sons and one daughter and 13 grandchildren. I love getting together with my family for a coast trip or BBQ at home.


“First, THINK. Second, DREAM. Third, BELIEVE. And finally, DARE.” - Walt Disney