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Jet Industries offers services for all types of systems, including:

Top Commercial Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Services in Salem

Ensure Your Salem Project's Success with Our Engineering Expertise

Jet Industries is a full service, family-owned contractor with a broad range of in-house resources. We provide superior engineering and drafting services, and we can work in any industry, any environment, and on any sized project. We specialize in large-scale commercial projects. Our licensed, highly trained mechanical engineers love a challenge and are passionate about what they do.

We have the experience to know that projects evolve. We have the bandwidth and flexibility to grow with your project, and we can provide you with scalable engineering solutions that meet your needs. If your project's scope changes or adjustments to meet a new requirement are needed, we act quickly and effectively to ensure your vision is achieved. At Jet Industries, we are growth- and goal-oriented, just like you.

Discover Jet Industries' Cutting-Edge Engineering Solutions

Since 1977, we have provided commercial clients with expert quality electrical and mechanical engineering services. As a full-service contractor, Jet Industries can provide you with the streamlined project management solutions you need to complete your commercial or industrial building project on time, on budget, and finished to a high degree of excellence. We know the contracting business inside and out, and our engineering services are unparalleled.

When you hire Jet Industries to manage your engineering project, you will reap all the benefits of our innovative design-build process. We will coordinate all aspects of your build, reduce construction conflicts and inefficiencies, streamline project schedules, reduce project waste, and deliver a high-quality product. We can do all of this while maintaining a safe working environment for our employees and a clean, professional job site for our clients.

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Let Our Engineers Light Up Your Project

The electrical engineering design of your project is crucial to a successful build. The professional electrical engineers at Jet Industries have extensive experience and have been trusted by companies, manufacturers, and corporations alike. Our engineers use their world-class knowledge and technical expertise to design state-of-the-art systems. Additionally, because we utilize the innovative design-build process, Jet Industries electrical engineers can work collaboratively with all contracting departments, ensuring that your electrical system is integrated seamlessly into your overall design.

Electrical design is one of the most important parts of your project. Jet Industries believes that every project deserves the same meticulous dedication to detail, and our electrical engineers are no exception. When you want the gold standard in safety and functionality, turn to Jet Industries commercial electrical engineers.

Electric Design

Our commercial electrical design systems include:
  • Building and system analysis reports
  • Code compliance
  • Electrical distribution systems
  • Emergency and standby power systems
  • Photometrics

Our People Make the Difference

At Jet Industries, we believe in investing in people. With the Jet University Higher Training program, our technicians have the opportunity to advance and hone their trade-specific skills and further their personal growth. Jet Industries is proud of the culture of entrepreneurship we have fostered. We are guided by our core values: Integrity, Customer Service, Excellence, Teamwork, Accountability, and Safety. We pour our heart and soul into what we do, and our values are at the core of every project we complete.