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Chip Ayers

General Manager - Maintenance
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Chip serves as the General Manager of our Maintenance and Residential HVAC divisions. He started in the HVAC industry working with his dad in 1980 in Eastern Oregon. In 1985, he moved to Portland, OR to work for an HVAC Distribution company. From there he worked his way up from a delivery driver to the company’s Customer Technical Service Representative.


Current Position/Job Title - General Manager Service and Maintenance Division.

Number of Years with Jet Industries - Since 2002

Family and/or Hobbies

Married to my wife for 20 years. Three boys, including a set of twins.

I am of the school of 4G hobbies; Guns, Golfing, Gardening, Grilling


“Beware the Fury of a Patient Man” - John Dryden.